Mortgage funds investment - Pooled Mortgages 6.15% p.a.* Variable

Raising funding from investors for lending secured by mortgages against property as an authorised representative for La Trobe Financial Asset Management Limited.^

Structuring loans and lending out mortgage funds to borrowers.

17.5% p.a High Yield Mortgages Option

Mortgagee sell-up of property where a borrower defaults.
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*The Rates of return from the Fund are not guaranteed and are determined by future revenue of the Fund and may achieve lower than expected returns. Investors risk losing some or all of their principal investment.


^Raoul Vernon is an Authorised Representative of La Trobe Financial Asset Management Limited ABN 27 007 332 363 & AFS Licence 222213 (�La Trobe�). La Trobe is the issuer and manager of the La Trobe Australian Mortgage Fund.  It is important for you to read the Product Disclosure Statement for the Fund before you make an investment decision.  You can get a copy of the PDS by calling Raoul on 03 9887 4897.  You should consider carefully whether or not investing in the Fund is appropriate for you.  NO FINANCIAL PRODUCT ADVICE is given by La Trobe or its Authorised Representatives.


►  Lending funds - Australia wide

First mortgages on residential property to 95% LVR Full Doc to maximum of $2,500,000.

LOW DOC to maximum of $2,500,000.

Mortgages on commercial property to 70% LVR Full Doc and Low Doc to maximum of $2,500,000.

No cap on defaults for credit impaired borrowers.

Solicitors finance on security lend mortgage. First and second mortgage available.

CONSTRUCTION FUNDING - residential and commercial properties to 75% LVR to maximum of $1,500,000. Registered Builders only.

SECOND MORTGAGE lending to 75% LVR.



►  Conveyancing

We fully own Metropolitan Solicitors in our group specializing in discount residential conveyancing for $550.00 inclusive of GST plus disbursements, which is probably the lowest cost 100% Solicitor operated Conveyancing in Victoria.

Our Conveyancing costs are confirmed to you in writing.
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►  Housing Loans

Free. We come to you. Free. No application fees to the bank or to Vernons.

We source the best rates. 5.64% to 95% of purchase price. View Lending Snapshot